Certified Life Coach By Fowler Wainwright, Founder of Sylvan Learning.

Associate ASID

My journey begins at the beginning.

Before we even come into existence in this time based reality, we have chosen our path to learn a particular lesson. This lesson will connect us with the truth about ourselves and our spiritual evolution. This is a truth I have always held close to my heart. Even as a young child I felt a special connection to something unseen and all-encompassing. I remember at the young age, of six or seven, playing in the woods with my best friend, praying to the Virgin Mary to show herself to us, as she had to the children in the movie “Our Lady of Fatima”. I found a certain beauty, a peace and a deep love in nature praying for a vision. This kind of meditative atmosphere connected me to an inner consciousness that remains with me to this day.

My story is as many. The desire and the need to feel connected became my life’s purpose. I studied psychology and philosophy along with metaphysics and mixed these sciences with a desire and intuitive need to be creative. I went to Art School and studied Interior Design and Architecture. In 1981 I met the challenge of opening my own design firm and Boston Design Consultants was created. Even with a rising successful business, the teacher in me was yearning to be expressed. I needed an outlet to share my knowledge of the beauty that surrounds us in the arts so I would speak at various women’s organizations on spatial planning and design elements. Learning was always my deepest desire and I never stopped studying, both art and philosophy. I read hundreds of books, took numerous courses and traveled the world with some of the greatest metaphysicians and motivators of our time. My wish to feel more aligned and my desire to live more mindfully took me on a journey beyond my wildest dreams.

In May of 1993, my husband of thirteen years just disappeared. My five children and I were left with no answers and many questions. Our emotional world was rocked. I remember actually writing prayers on index cards. The two youngest children were under five (5), so for me to be away from our home to work a full-time job didn’t seem to be an option. As the main support of our family was missing, hiring a full-time nanny was just too overwhelming at first.  I was in a state of disbelief for a while, so I just waitressed in a restaurant in our little town. For many years I knew in my heart, that my husband had passed, as his voluntary abandonment just didn’t ring true to me. To actually hear the truth of his death, twelve years later, was heartbreaking. I was desperate to find answers to the questions to this passage we call life.

Oddly enough the teachings I was searching for were all around me. “Ask and it is given”, this biblical phrase revealed truths and miracles. One day my daughter gifted me a session with her life coach. I was so excited, opportunities and people were aligning themselves for me to learn and grow. I began to trust the process.

What was a life coach I wondered? As any coach is a teacher or a guide in a particular subject, a life coach assists you in learning the Laws of Nature.  To satisfy an obvious query I’ll list just a few laws we will explore, the Law of Vibration and Attraction, the Law of Relativity etc.etc. A life coach works to help you change the way you see your challenges. The goal of a coach is to assists you in telling a different story, from the story of the past. We are all co-creators with the universe during our time on this planet and a life coach can teach you how to create the life that you desire, rather than be victim to a life not understood.

Learning the importance of our energetic vibration, when studying philosophy years before and working with a life coach was a profound experience. It all started to make perfect sense. Yes, I knew I was exactly was I needed to be. The desire to inspire others had always been there and REALeyes was birthed as I was driving home from a friend’s home one evening. My destiny lay before me and I soon received my certification. There is nothing I love more than conducting private coaching sessions and designing workshops.  Sharing the wisdom of the ages along with spiritual and metaphysical truths became my aspiration.

My 30 years of Interior design were linked with this divine calling and a mission statement was written: “I live my brilliance as a lightworker and a life coach guiding people to their hearts and assisting them to create heartfelt environments.”

I now invite you to begin your journey with me by opening your REAL eyes to the magnificence of life that awaits you. May we all live inspirationally with peace and love in our hearts and our homes. So be it.