“Pam has been my Life Coach for almost three years now. When I first started with Pam I was in a state of real confusion. I was reading many different books on spirituality, religion, and metaphysics and attending lectures. I joined one study group after another. I was completely confused and frustrated. I needed someone to talk to, share with, learn from and really communicate with. I longed for clarity, wisdom and for answers. I now have the answers thanks to Pam. I continue to learn, to grow and to keep receiving my answers, my wisdom, my truth and most of all to apply them to my life. All I can say is “it works”. I have manifested miracles BIG TIME!”

Kathy Phillip
Norwood, MA

“Pam DiSarro’s huge heart and soaring spirit are truly inspiring. She is positive, gracious and generous. She will teach you to appreciate your own gift and help you develop the gratitude and confidence needed to build the future of your dreams.”

Kathy Alpert
Watertown, MA

“Pamela’s sensitivity and insights into the human psyche are truly remarkable. Her vision of the inner workings of our humanity in combination with her ability to communicate becomes a tool for effective change. I highly recommend a session with Pamela, you will not be disappointed.”

Eric Sky
Wareham, MA