True Vision

True Vision

“When you enlist the guidance of a life coach, your new knowledge and vision can create a paradigm shift to allow for more love, life force and miracles to enhance your life experience.”
Pamela DiSarro-REALeyes

REALeyes was a dream of mine to change my perception and help change the awareness of as many people as possible. “To teach is to learn,” as it says in The Course in Miracles.

This shift in our environment is necessary to transform the collective consciousness of the world. We can indeed change our vision to experience love and peace rather than live in a human experience of fear.

Our common perceptions are created from the outside in using our five senses.

    • We actually believe that our observations are the only true realities that there are. I’m here to tell you that our limited perceptions are actually full of erroneous information and illusion.   We actually spend our time projecting through perception from our disillusioned mind.
    • TRUE VISION is a very different understanding of perception. When we look out from our REAL eyes rather than our EGO eyes we see a world of truth in our reality, very different from what we’ve been taught or see with our body’s eyes. Our union and oneness is recognized through true vision.
  • The “REALeyes” logo is the symbol for the Golden Ratio or the Golden Rectangle, which has its basis in Mathematics but also operates as a Universal Law and relates to the balance of human form and nature.

Would you like to live a life of unlimited possibility or true potentiality?

Let’s become aware of our unconscious beliefs that keep us connected to the past. By examining those beliefs and energetically changing our awareness, we can transform the emotions that hold us prisoner, both mentally and physically. Learn to tap into the power of thought and alter our state of being within to create a life of choice. We learn through experience. So let us begin to uncover the blockages that keep us from living fully so that we can be the magnificent, empowered spirit that we were born to be. Let’s collect our natural inheritance of freedom, safety and eternal LOVE.

I look forward to a future of compassion and for-give-ness, while working with you to REALeyes Your Best Life.

“Forgiveness is the fragrance that the violet sheds on the heel that has crushed it”